“Filtration” of Ukrainian citizens by the occupying forces. A form of violence on many levels

To identify Ukrainians who are opposed to the occupying forces, Russia uses searches, interrogation and torture. The word ‘filtration’ became widely known during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year. The actions it describes came into being much earlier. Specialised filtration camps operated in the Soviet Union from 1942 to 1949 for Prisoners of War and … Read more

On What Is Non-existent Officially: Russian State Ideology 

In December 2022, I posted an analytical article on the Russian state ideology on my website. I offer you this text in English. A huge number of war crimes committed in the course of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the inhuman cruelty of what is going on at present have put before the global community the … Read more

Evaluation during the war

“Evaluation” published an article that we wrote together with colleagues from the Ukrainian Evaluation Association. Evaluation during the war… I wish I didn’t have this experience. But I already have it, and it can help someone. Evaluation of wartime is very different from the classical evaluation we are accustomed to. During the Russian aggression, Ukrainian … Read more

Ukrainians are held in 25 prisons in Russia and occupied Crimea. They are tortured and starved — “Babel” spoke to human rights defenders who are looking for people in captivity

My colleagues and I told reporters about Ukrainian civilians who are being held in captivity in Russia and in the occupied territories. https://babel.ua/en/texts/87300-ukrainians-are-held-in-25-prisons-in-russia-and-occupied-crimea-they-are-tortured-and-starved-babel-spoke-to-human-rights-defenders-who-are-looking-for-people-in-captivity

Politically Motivated Persecution: People’s Stories. The case of fakes about the Russian army

A Russian citizen has posted several texts and photographs on his page on the social network about the war crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine. The investigator of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the recently entered into force article of the Criminal Code 207.3 “Public dissemination of deliberately false information about … Read more

Appeal of the roundtable of the Fourth International Forum on European Ukraine of the CivilMPlus platform

This statement was drafted by me and my colleagues at the Center for Civil Liberties. I thank the Forum participants for their support of our initiative. Address of the participants of the roundtable “Deprivation of freedom: war prisoners, civic hostages, abductions and deportations”, held on November 16, 2022 as part of the Fourth International Forum … Read more

Politically Motivated Persecution: People’s Stories

The Case of the Unwanted Organization In 2021, a former leader of one of the well-known Russian social movements was detained in Russia. The basis was the accusation of participation in the activities of an undesirable foreign organization. The investigator had no confirmation of this accusation, so he ordered a political science examination to a … Read more

Politically Motivated Persecution: People’s Stories The Mountain Reservoir Case

The easiest way to understand why and how politically motivated persecution of people in different countries is to tell the stories of these people. I will not give names and surnames in these stories, and sometimes information about countries. But all the circumstances of these cases are genuine. At the beginning of November 2022, I … Read more

Rapport analytique de la coalition “Tribunal pour Poutine” Lieux de détention forcée de citoyens ukrainiens non combattants en Fédération de Russie et en Crimée occupée

Je remercie nos amis français. Traduction en anglais, français réalisée par l’ONG FUVI / Fonds Ukrainien des Volontaires Internationaux Octobre 2022 Sommaire: Légende FSVP – Service pénitentiaire fédéral (FSVP de Russie) – Service pénitentiaire fédéral (FSES de Russie) – l’organe exécutif fédéral de la Fédération de Russie, dont l’agence principale est le ministère de la … Read more