The Center for Civil Liberties prepared and published a brochure about 50 civilian Ukrainians who were illegally imprisoned by the Russian occupiers. Unfortunately, violations of international humanitarian law by Russia continue.

The war Against Ukraine Exposes the Shortcomings of International Humanitarian law: Together we can Remedy Them

Mikhail Savva, political scientist and expert at the Ukrainian Centre for Civil Liberties, calls for reform of international humanitarian law in the face of Russian authorities’ misleading and deceitful behavior. In his view, the existing mechanisms are not sufficient to force Russia to respect the international conventions it has itself signed. In January 2023, he … Read more

On the need for reform of international humanitarian law (in French)

I thank my colleagues from Desk Russie for initiating this publication. La guerre contre l’Ukraine expose les lacunes du droit international humanitaire : ensemble, nous pouvons y remédier Politologue, expert du Centre pour les libertés civiles (Ukraine), Mikhaïl Savva plaide pour la réforme du droit international humanitaire face au comportement fallacieux et mensonger des autorités russes. … Read more

“Filtration” of Ukrainian citizens by the occupying forces. A form of violence on many levels

To identify Ukrainians who are opposed to the occupying forces, Russia uses searches, interrogation and torture. The word ‘filtration’ became widely known during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year. The actions it describes came into being much earlier. Specialised filtration camps operated in the Soviet Union from 1942 to 1949 for Prisoners of War and … Read more

On What Is Non-existent Officially: Russian State Ideology 

In December 2022, I posted an analytical article on the Russian state ideology on my website. I offer you this text in English. A huge number of war crimes committed in the course of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the inhuman cruelty of what is going on at present have put before the global community the … Read more

Politically Motivated Persecution: People’s Stories. The Case of the Apolitical Banker

There is one very common mistake in assessing the motives for persecuting people. Many lawyers, judges, migration officials and almost all the inhabitants believe that the motive for persecuting a person is determined by his actions. If this person fought on the barricades with the political regime or criticized it in the press, then the … Read more

Evaluation during the war

“Evaluation” published an article that we wrote together with colleagues from the Ukrainian Evaluation Association. Evaluation during the war… I wish I didn’t have this experience. But I already have it, and it can help someone. Evaluation of wartime is very different from the classical evaluation we are accustomed to. During the Russian aggression, Ukrainian … Read more

Ukrainians are held in 25 prisons in Russia and occupied Crimea. They are tortured and starved — “Babel” spoke to human rights defenders who are looking for people in captivity

My colleagues and I told reporters about Ukrainian civilians who are being held in captivity in Russia and in the occupied territories.